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Roman Silver Coins IV. Gordian III to Postumus

Один из наиболее популярных каталогов римских серебряных монет - каталог Seaby в five томах. Второе (исправленное) издание четвертого тома содержит 382 фотографии монет и охватывает период с 238 по 268 г. н. э. (с начала правления императора Гордиана III по смерть императора Постума).
Предыдущие тома каталога на сайте:
Roman Silver cash I. Republic to Augustus
Roman Silver cash II. Tiberius to Commodus
Roman Silver cash III. Pertinax to Balbinus and Pupienus

Functional polymer blends : synthesis, properties, and performances

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Rock Island and Pacific Railroad after the Exposition closed. (Engineering, July 26. 1867, p. 64) 34 Most locomotives were products of commercial manu facturers but some railroads built at least a portion of thei r own rolling stock. as shown in the final illustrations in this part. The John B. Turnerwas constructed in the shops of the Chicago and North Western Railway in 1867. It remained In service un1i 11 898 . (Engineering. Nov. 20. 1868) • 35 The General Darcy was a coal-burning fre ight locomotive built in the New ' ersey Railroad and Transportation Company's Jersey City shops in 1868.

Figs. 2 & 3) • GRANT 42 Similar to Baldwin's design was this 1873 offering of the Grant Locomotive Works. The small circular panels below the cab windows were intended to hold reproductions of the Gold Medal won by Granl at the 1867 Paris Exposition. The prize-winning entry is shown in Fig. 33. (Recent Locomotives, Figs. 4-6) 43 Baldwin offered this Mogul locomotive in 1872. Like the eight wheeler, it had a straight boiler with two steam domes. The relative ly large wheels (54107 inches in diameter) indicate thai the machine was designed for both freight and passenger service.

The prototype, was built at Altoona in 1881. It was considered a remarkably ad vanced design at the time of its introduction. (Recent Locomotives, Fig. 22) 52 The Reading shops delivered this hard-coal burner in 1880. Like other Philade lphia and Reading locomotives of the day it was filled with an extremely wide fi rebox patented by John E. Woollen , an official of the line. Woollen's firebox was eventually used by most other anthrac ite lines but saw litt le service outside of the Midd le Atlanti c stales.

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