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The New Flora of the Volcanic Island of Krakatau

On 27 August 1883, the island of Krakatau was once destroyed in a single of the main violent volcanic occasions ever recorded. This triggered the 'year and not using a summer', hundreds of thousands of deaths (mainly from tsunamis), amazing sunsets and a measurable cooling of the oceans over approximately a century. Krakatau additionally supplied evolutionary biologists with a distinct chance to enquire the mechanisms of plant dispersal.

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The Auspicious Wish The auspicious wish, written by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, head of the Nyingmapa lineage, rings out with clarity. It is what all people of good will wish for all humankind. stage under "Transformation into the Wisdom Body of Tara" describes the profound mind practice of Tara in daily life. This section briefly outlines how a Tara practitioner might structure his or her day. Upon arising the Tara practitioner establishes the Bodhicitta intention that by his or her Tara practice, suffering be alleviated and benefit created for all beings.

However, the essential point is to make offerings with the supreme generosity that is characteristic of Tara. Such generosity creates a foundation of non-attachment and open awareness that increases the accumulations of both merit and wisdom. The mind teachings of daily practice have been -

A tradition·al shrine would include an image of the deity (a ph6tograph, statue or painting), seven water offering bowls set out in a straight line, and an arrangement of special offerings of incense, flowers, food, tea and candles or butterlamps. Other items of dharma significance such as photographs of one's lamas and dharma gifts one has received cotild also be pLaced on the shrine. Texts should be placed on a shelf above the shrine if possible, or at least in a high place and never on the floor.

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