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By Thomas Enger

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Perhaps he has suppressed it. But he’ll never forget her face. She couldn’t bear to look at him. He didn’t blame her. She had every right. He had been looking after Jonas, and he had failed to save him. Their son. Their lovely, lovely son. They had already separated at that point. She only visited him at the hospital to finalise the divorce, to get his signature. She got it. No ulterior motives, no questions, no conditions. In a way, he was relieved. He couldn’t have coped with her in his life – a constant reminder of his own shortcomings.

Henning, good to see you again. ’ Kåre extends a hand, but doesn’t wait for Henning to offer him his. He simply grabs Henning’s hand and shakes it. Henning’s forehead feels hot. ‘So – how are things? ’ Henning thinks earmuffs might be a good investment. ’ ‘Super. Fantastic. We need people like you, people who know how to give the public what they want. Great. Sex sells, coffers swell! ’ Kåre laughs out loud. His face starts to twitch, but he carries on all the same. Kåre has coined a lot of rhyming slogans in his time.

In your introduction, Chief Inspector Gjerstad, you mentioned that the murder was unusually brutal. ’ Take your places: ready, steady – ‘I can’t comment at this time, nor would I want to,’ Gjerstad says. ’ ‘We know that the victim was a student at Westerdal School of Communication. ’ ‘Film and television. ’ Three questions are all that Guri Palme gets and NRK takes over the baton. Henning detects disappointment in the journalist’s eye at coming second, though he can only see him from the back. But it is Jørn Bendiksen from NRK who takes them all by surprise.

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