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By T. Wein

British Identities, Heroic Nationalisms, and the Gothic Novel, 1764-1824 considers 3 interlocking advancements of this era: the emergence of the Gothic novel at a time whilst nationwide upheavals required the development of a brand new nationalist id, the Gothic novel's redefinition of heroes and heroism in that nationalist debate, and adjustments inside classification and gender in addition to viewers and writer family members. The scope of this examine extends past the confines of the unconventional right to incorporate chapbooks and illustrated reactions.

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At the same time, because these heroes have character traits that cross gender barriers, they open up a cross-gender identification and suggest that masculinity is as much a subject position to be occupied for men as femininity is for women. 45 I would apply their insights to the narrative and visual features of the Gothic novel as well. Because readers left marginalia and commentaries, both on the ‘high-culture’ products of Gothic and on their ‘popular’ cousins, the chapbooks, we can gain insight into the way the Gothic helped form interpretive and emulative communities.

As Dowling goes on to claim, such mimesis aimed to help ‘men or entire societies’ create, or recreate, themselves in this image. In succeeding chapters, we will examine how Gothic mimesis merged with contemporary ideas about heroism to shape novels and their reception. 20 Identities, Nationalisms, and the Gothic Novel An effort must be made to reclaim all the hidden layers of the palimpsest that is Gothic. Joel Porte says that ‘the critic searching for something like a unified field theory of Gothic fiction will certainly be tempted to throw down his pen in despair’ (1974, 42).

By so doing, it can alleviate fears about the social ramifications of reading. No longer must novels be idealized as free-verse epic poems, as Monboddo had done, 44 Tailoring the Gothic Myth or swept utterly out of sight, as by Kames, in favor of painting, picturesque sightseeing, architecture, or drama. ’ Clara Reeve predicates her defense of romance on just such a claim for enhanced sociality.

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