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By Michael Brennan Dick

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Moral Habitat: Ethos and Agency for the Sake of Earth

Ethical Habitat explores how our ethical imaginations and ethical norms were formed via or even cocreated with Earth in different biotic groups. Weaving jointly technological know-how and faith with indigenous and womanist traditions, Nancie Erhard makes use of examples from numerous assets, together with post-Cartesian technological know-how, the outdated testomony, and the Mi´kmaq tribe of jap Canada.

Civic Priests: Cult Personnel in Athens from the Hellenistic Period to Late Antiquity

Pictures and inscriptions point out how monks and cult team of workers observed themselves and have been seen by means of others. Cultural files like dedications, honorific statues and decrees are crucial to knowing how the jobs of clergymen and priestesses have been built in social and political phrases in post-classical Athens.

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1QIsaa reads ˚sm hc[aw for MT ˚sn. Elliger takes ˚sm as a verb, an alloform of ˚sn. Thus, hc[yw is a variant used also in the versions (LXX, Syriac, Targum); since the versions take vrj as a carpenter (LXX tevktwn‚ ST argn), MT ˚sn is thought to be inappropriate. ). I take the verb ˚sn as meaning ‘to work on as a jeweler’ (Dohmen 1983: 39–42). d. 19b T: hylypjm bhdb hanyqw ‘and the smith plates it with gold’; S hmrq hbhdb hynyqw ‘and the smith plates it with gold’; see Jer 10:9: [Q;rum} µt

And so they dare to say that Lachares undressed Athena, and that Dionysius gave a haircut to Apollo of the golden locks, and that Zeus on the Capitoline Hill was burnt and destroyed during the civil war. For further bibliography, see Clerc 1915: 112 n. 2. 58. Juppiter Tragodus 7:1: Eu® ge, w® ÔErmh`, aßrista kekhvruktaÇ soi, kaµ sunÇasi ga;r hßdh: w§ste paralambavnwn kavqize aujtou;Í kata; th;n ajxÇan e§kaston, wJÍ aßn u§lhÍ hß tevxnhÍ eßc¬, ejn proedrÇç me;n tou;Í crusou`Í, e®ta epµ touvtoiÍ o¥ tou;Í argurou`Í, eπta eJxh`Í oJpovsoi ejlefavntinoi, eπta tou;Í 32 Michael B.

It is impossible to arrive at the “original” form of the text, because the Greek and Hebrew probably witness alternate forms of the Jeremianic tradition. 41 The authenticity of the passage, that is, whether Jeremiah himself wrote this idol parody, remains problematic. ” We cannot be more precise about the dating of this passage; it could be either late pre-Exilic or Exilic. As we shall see, the arguments in Jeremiah against cult images are similar to the ones found in Deutero-Isaiah, a fact that suggests a post-Exilic date for the Jeremianic material.

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