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By Tanya Huff

Fearing for his sanity, 450-year-old vampire Henry Fitzroy calls upon his sometime-lover and comrade, ex-cop Vicki Nelson, whose good friend and previous companion is in the course of a homicide research regarding a museum mummy. unique.

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Whatever they've got out isn't going anywhere. The ka pulled free of his tenuous grasp and began to move away. He was still pitiably weak, too weak to hold it, too weak to draw it closer. Had he been able to move, hunger would have driven him to desperate measures, but bound as he was, he could only wait and pray that his god would send him a life. On a Sunday night in Toronto the good, the streets were almost deserted, municipal laws against Sunday shopping forcing the inhabitants of the city to find other amusements.

Rax, what a pleasant surprise. Still out at Haversted Hall are you? " 'As a matter of fact, yes. " He took a deep breath; best to get it over with quickly, the loss might hurt less. "Dr. " The British Egyptologist snorted. " Abruptly, Dr. Rax remembered why, and how much, he disliked the other man. "I think I can manage to classify it, thank you. " 'No need. We saw the rest of the junk Montclair dragged out of his nooks and crannies. " Professional ethics warred with desire. Ethics won. "About the sarcophagus…" 'Look, Dr.

Vicki made a desperate grab at the edge of the doorway and exploded out into the carpeted hall. 'Nine minutes, fifty-four seconds. " As soon as I have enough breath, I'll rub it in. For the moment, Vicki leaned against the wall, panting, heart pounding with enough force to vibrate her entire body, sweat collecting and dripping off her chin. Celluci collapsed against the wall beside her. One of the Heart Fund volunteers approached, stopwatch in hand. "Now then, I'll just get your finishing heart rates…" Vicki and Celluci exchanged identical glances.

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