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By Kerri Hawkins

The tale of Ryan Alexander maintains during this 3rd installment of the Blood Legacy sequence. even if superficially comparable to a vampire, Ryan possesses all the legendary creature's talents and none of its weaknesses. Surrounded by way of historic beings who search to dominate her by way of strength or seduction, she has develop into the main strong of her variety. as a result of Victor's sickness, she is forced to guide the hierarchy. Ryan assumes command yet is bothered via darkish desires, photographs that don't belong to any of her sort. With becoming challenge, Ryan realizes the desires belong to at least one previous her father. simply as she starts off to solidify strength, new enemies look, demanding not just her supremacy yet her notion of all that she is. as soon as proposal immortal, she is faced with the incredible: defeat and destruction. For the 1st time in her existence, Ryan faces the potential for demise. And even supposing the various predators of her style may face one of these destiny with horror or dread...Ryan reveals it exhilarating.

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This made Ryan smile. Finally, someone who slept more than she did. Many of the Old Ones had commented on the amount of time she spent sleeping. Although she had no normal pattern and could go weeks if not months without sleep, she could also sleep for weeks and months at a time. She had once slept for 14 years straight. Ryan’s expression darkened. That had been after her Change, the transition from human to their Kind. Ryan’s Change had been particularly horrific because Victor had been so immensely powerful when he Changed her.

The story went that his parents were of Roman nobility and had been murdered during one of the Saxon incursions. It would not surprise him if Ambrosius was of noble birth; he carried himself with quiet assurance and dignity. And the handsome, aristocratic features that attracted so much feminine attention added to the probability of that patrician birth. But as Weylin watched, the boy glanced up, peering off into the forest as if looking or waiting for something. And the longing in his expression was a melancholy that came from only one source: a woman.

Drake peeked over Edward’s shoulder at Ryan, who winked at him as he was carried off. The boy giggled again. ” Edward said. He knew she would be in the room adjacent to her own, returning to her ceaseless vigil. Ryan pushed through the double doors, stopping for a moment to stare at the prone figure on the bed. It was a man, dark-haired and devastatingly handsome, his fine features in quiet repose. His long form covered the length of the dais he rested upon, and although his chest neither rose nor fell, he appeared to be peacefully sleeping.

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