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By Faye Kellerman

A riveting new mystery from Faye Kellerman, that includes l. a. detective Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus man Kaffey inspiration his wealth may well collect something- together with the easiest safeguard cash can purchase. whilst his kin are gunned to loss of life on their huge Butterfly Ranch property, it's transparent that he used to be tragically fallacious. Lieutenant Peter Decker of the LAPD is given the duty of piecing jointly what occurred. From the beginning, he suspects an inside of activity and that the reply lies with Kaffey's fortune. The daunting scale of Kaffey's company empire produces no scarcity of suspects: from participants of his bodyguard, to company companions, rival tycoons, even relatives. yet as LA's ferocious highway gangs lease themselves out to unknown paymasters in a cycle of revenge and demise, Decker's circle of relatives is threatened. And if a billionaire like Kaffey can't defend his personal, what desire does Decker have?

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But Stephanie Delacour likes to do things properly, and she really reincarnates herself in Santavarvaran. And as I put on another language I practice a kind of transsexualism. To everyone his or her own sadomasochism. I f I don’t actually feel pain I invent it. I live in a state o f trauma. To me everything is trauma, shock, upheaval. Starting with language itself. Santavarvaran or French? A red lan­ guage or a white one? Without even thinking about it I ruled out the big double bed, intended for nights o f gladness.

The Harrison residence narrowed toward the top like a pyramid, and the uppermost of the three stories had been converted from what was once an attic. The building was L-shaped. On one side a narrow lane led down to a park that must have been a wood a hundred years ago, while on the other side a now well-to-do but discreet residential thoroughfare was called, appropriately enough, England Street. The house virtually turned its back the street, however, for although the Julia Kristeva main entrance was on that side, an imposing hall with a floor o f black and white tiles formed a kind o f barricade against undue curiosity from without.

Gloria’s mistakes were common knowledge, even though attempts had been made to cover them up. There was her absurd mar­ riage to Stanislas Novak, “ the local artistic genius, the Leonardo da Vinci and Don Juan of Santa Varvara” (Rilsky). Then there was Jerry, P O S S E S S I O N S the shock of his birth “ or rather the trauma, the devotion, the passion” (Rilsky again). Lastly, “ the ridiculous Michael Fish” (Rilsky, as always). Gloria would never be able to pass Fish off as a connoisseur, especially to someone like me, who knew Proust by heart and could tell the difference between the sublime Swann and a mere art dealer, however sexy, who on top of everything else was a native o f Santa Varvara.

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