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By Murray Carter

Bladesmithing with Murray Carter offers the reader with an in-depth look at conventional jap Cutlery forging strategies and their smooth functions. A continuous circulation of questions to Murray has caused him to bare the key concepts discovered in the course of 18 years in Japan, the place he lived and labored as a village bladesmith. He now stocks this wealth of data for the good thing about the curious reader and eastern knife fanatic alike. proprietors of approximately 15,000 of Murray's knives can be thrilled to determine a finished booklet written via the knives' writer. positive aspects: 250+ incredible, full-color photos, together with many via well known photographer Hiro Soga. distinct and very infrequent perception into the japanese tradition during the (blue) eyes of a jap village bladesmith. particular reasons of conventional jap Bladesmithing recommendations that previously were cloaked in secret and delusion. adequate exact details to lead an aspiring bladesmith to develop into a profitable smith within the eastern variety of blade making

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Be prepared to burn up a whole lot of fuel, steel and exposed skin on the road to Damascus! ) Surfaces slightly domed for best forge welding Chapter 4 An ambitious bladesmith, ready for work. A hot coke-fueled fire, ready for work. Forge basics Steel must be heated more than 700 degrees Celsius before it will be pliable enough to ‘work’ with the bladesmith’s hammer. There are several different ways to accomplish this: a coal forge, a coke forge, a charcoal forge, a gas forge or an electric forge.

4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 FIG. 7 FIG. 8 FIG. 9 Chapter 4 FORGE WELDING 40 Flux powder for forge welding, consisting of borax, boric acid and iron filings. sprinkled on the billet, or between the surfaces to be welded, when the metal is about half way to forge welding temperature. This flux usually consists of borax, boric acid and iron filings, all in powder form. As the metals heat up, the flux melts like honey and covers all exposed metal to give it a protective covering from oxygen. It is also acid-like at high temperatures, dissolving any scale that may have formed prior to the application of the flux.

At high temperatures, phosphorus and sulfur are absorbed by the steel, and carbon is lost in the process. The only acceptable way to use coal is to turn it into coke first. Coal is tricky to light on fire, takes some time to get up to full temperature, and comes down in temperature slowly even if the forced air supply is cut off. Coke Top to Bottom: Coal, coke and charcoal A coke forge is fueled by coke, which is coal that has been heated high enough to drive off the harmful pollutant gases. It is reasonably available, inexpensive, burns very hot and clean and also has the advantage of being able to localize heat in the work piece.

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