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By Blade Editors

BLADE enters the house stretch in observance of its fortieth anniversary via doing a three-part sequence spotting the head forty customized knifemakers over these first forty years (1973-2013).

We compiled a listing of a few of the head makers and submitted it to a panel of professional knife observers and requested them to pick their best 5 to ten and rank them.

Though "top customized knifemakers" should be subjective, we wish to imagine a best maker is person who excelled by way of surroundings a regular that different makers tried to emulate, and/or excelled in caliber of craftmanship, originality, and creativity - or both.

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PHIL BOGUSZEWSKI Ostroff: “Phil’s flipper folders did the talking—once you had a feel for a ‘Bogie,’ you were hooked. ” TOM MAYO Stark: “Tom’s following and fan base has almost become cult like. His knives are elegance and simplicity at its best, with incredible fit and finish. Each design is carefully thought out for total ergonomics and practicality. ” Schluter: “Tom’s TNT continues to be a standard among frame-locks. A simple yet timeless design, the TNT was one of the first—and arguably the most well known—folders to use non-magnetic alloys such as Talonite and Stellite.

The first installment in this final series identifies the top custom knifemakers from 1973 to 1988. We compiled a list of some of the top makers over that stretch and submitted it to a panel of seasoned knife observers and asked them to select their top five to 10—or however many they felt comfortable picking—and to rank them No. 1 up to as many as 10, with 1 being the best, 2 second best, etc. Though “top custom knifemakers” can be subjective, we would like to think a top maker is one who excelled in terms of setting a standard that other makers attempted to emulate, and/or excelled in quality of craftsmanship, originality and creativity—or both.

STEVE HOEL Harvey: “Although his work is revered worldwide, I’ve always thought that Steve Hoel is an underrated knifemaker, deserving placement amongst the very top tier of makers. A master at design, he builds some of the most-pleasing-to-the-eye pocketknives on earth. ” Of the makers on the list, Frank, Hoel, Holder, Horn and Lake continue to make knives today. The others are deceased. Chapter 2 Best Knifemakers 1989-2000 Larry Brahms says design innovation, along with undivided attention to utility, materials, and form and function, are the yardsticks he uses to determine which custom knives he sells through his BladeArt, Inc.

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