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By Gene Likens, F.Herbert Bormann

After we initially released Biogeochemistry of a Forested surroundings in 1977, the Hubbard Brook surroundings learn (HBES) were in lifestyles for 14 years, and we integrated info via 1974, or a biogeo­ chemical list of eleven years. Now our non-stop, long term biogeo­ chemical files hide greater than 31 years, and there were many adjustments. the main striking switch, notwithstanding, is that 3 of our coauthors at the unique quantity at the moment are deceased. they're deeply overlooked in such a lot of methods. despite the longer files, diverse developments, and new insights, we think that the elemental techniques and ways we offered in 1977 symbolize the main worthy contribution of the unique variation. they're nonetheless legitimate and valuable, quite for an introductory examine of, or direction in, biogeochemistry. Our target during this revision is to maintain those fea­ tures, right mistakes, and revise or do away with deceptive or ambiguous temporary information (11 years!), whereas preserving nearly the unique size and the modest expense.

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1962). The surface topography is rough (pit FIGURE 7. Relationship among precipitation, streamflow, and evapotranspiration during the months of June through September for watershed 3 of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest during 1958-1974. Evapotranspiration (open circles) is determined as the difference between the amount of precipitation and streamflow for 1 June to 30 September. The solid line is fitted by eye. The dashed line represents evapotranspiration as computed from data on precipitation and air temperature using a United States Forest Service hydrologic model, which includes an estimate of the change in total storage of soil water.

8 oL • 196/'-65 66-67 68-69 Year 70-71 72-73 38 3. Chemistry Table 5. 72 1963-1974 1963-1974 1963-1974 1963-1974 1964-1974 1964-1974 1964-1974 1964-1974 1967-1974 1963-1974 aAs determined by regression analysis when Y = ax + b, where Y = input in kg of dissolved substances/ha or cm of water per unit area, a = slope, x = water-year (X, = 1963-1964, X2 = 1964-1965, ... , x 11 = 1973-1974) and b = Y intercept. 01. 05. , 1976b). The increased annual input of hydrogen ion is partially explained by the "increase" in the amount of annual precipitation during the lO-yr period (Table 5); that is, the early years of the decade (1963-1965) were drought years and the last year (1973-1974) was extremely wet (Figure 3).

B1964-1974. "Calculated from W-HC03 - equilibrium. c1965-1974. Watershed 4 only, 1965-1970. "Not determined, trace quantities. i1973-1974 (Jordan and Likens, 1975). "1964-1970. "Watershed 6 only, 1967-1969. 1 '1972-1974. 05) from the total positive value (Tables 4 and 7). Surprising concentrations of dissolved organic carbon are found in rain and snow at Hubbard Brook (Table 4). 4 mg/l (Jordan and Likens, 1975). , 1976). On the basis of a few storm analyses, volatile carboxylic acids, carbohydrates, and tannin-lignin contribute about 0;;;30% of the organic matter in precipitation at Hubbard Brook.

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