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By Harry Harrison, Brian W. Aldiss

# S1529. a superb anthology of thought-provoking speculative fiction. CONTENTS: Credo (James Blish), advent (Harry Harrison), Hawksbill Station (Robert Silverberg), final building (C.C. Shackleton), 1937 A.D.! (John T.Sladek), Fifteen Miles (Ben Bova), Blackmail (Fred Hoyle), The Vine (Kit Reed), Interview with a Lemming (James Thurber), The smash of the send John B. (Frank M. Robinson), The Left-Hand manner (A. Bertram Chandler), The wooded area of Zil (Kris Neville), JFK/Downhill Motor Race (J.G. Ballard), Answering carrier (Fritz Leiber), The final Command (Keith Laumer), replicate of Ice (Gary Wright), beautiful Maggie Moneyeyes (Harlan Ellison); Afterword - Knights of the Paper Spaceship (Brian Aldiss). 256 pages.

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Admiral's Ghost

From l. a. drug broker to hero of an alien international, the Universe should have a feeling of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling misplaced within the cosmos, struggles to appreciate the technologically complicated international whose hero he has inadvertently develop into. Posing because the preferrred Commander of the planet? s fleet, Tyler needs to fast examine the murky alliances of the army to be triumphant opposed to their neighboring enemy.


The genie is out of the bottle. Rogue climate Warden Joanne Baldwin is racing to manhattan to warn her former colleagues of the approaching apocalypse. An historical contract among the Djinn and the Wardens has been damaged, and the livid Djinn, slaves to the Wardens for millennia, are actually freed from mortal keep an eye on.

The Incredible Tide

After 5 years on my own on a rocky island now not figuring out if someone else survived the holocaust, a seventeen-year-old boy is rescued and unearths his problems are just starting.

Sins of the Heart (Hqn)

Part human, part god, Dagan Krayl is the Underworld's strongest soul reaper. while one among his brothers is murdered, Dagan needs to use each ounce of his strength to seek down these chargeable for his brutal loss of life. yet he needs to circulation swiftly—and carefully—if he is to have any probability of resurrecting his brother.

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That's dght. ial physical properties, would have no use for a machine at the best of times. " Surgenor drew on the fragrant smoke and looked out through tbe viewscreensto where the brilliant double star hung low in the sky, and he felt an unexpected surge of sympathy for the massive alien being whose remains still lay on the black rock of the plain. Life would have been very precious to a Gray Man, too precious for him ever to consider entrusting it to anyone or anything but himself. control the entity theSaralods crewthougbtof asCaptainAesoD.

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