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By Catherine A. Welch

Real or fake? Benjamin Banneker used a telescope and arithmetic to foretell a sun eclipse. precise! In 1789, Banneker calculated while the moon could cross among the earth and sunlight. And he did it with none formal math or technological know-how education. As a tender boy, he labored at the farm owned by means of his father, who used to be a freed slave in Maryland. He helped to survey and plot out the positioning for the U.S. capital urban, Washington, D.C. He additionally released a number of almanacs that helped farmers, retailers, and sailors expect the elements and recognize the dates of vacations and gala's.

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If the ground shook nearby, the clock did not record time correctly. The clock also did not work right if the temperature changed. This is the zenith sector that Benjamin and his team used to take measurements. 29 Benjamin used this compass to check the position of the sun and stars. It belonged to Andrew Ellicott. Benjamin used several thermometers to check the temperature of the clock area. He kept the clock wound. He used instruments to check the clock’s time with the position of the sun. Benjamin did much of his work at night.

It took courage for Banneker to write to a powerful man like Jefferson. He did not expect Jefferson to reply to his letter. But Jefferson did. On August 30, Jefferson wrote a letter to Benjamin. Jefferson welcomed proof that blacks are equal to other people. He wrote that he wanted to improve life for blacks. Jefferson wrote this letter to Benjamin on August 30, 1791. 35 He told Benjamin he was sending the almanac to the Academy of Sciences in Paris, France. This was a great honor. People would now learn about Benjamin and his almanac.

How could a black man be part of such an important project? The land for the new capital was beautiful. Benjamin saw farm fields, pastures, and woods. The Potomac and Anacosta rivers ran by the land. But Benjamin saw that marking the boundaries would be difficult. Would he be able to do his job? 28 The survey team used a zenith sector to observe the stars. This tool helped them know their spot on the ground. Some stars appeared right overhead. Others seemed at angles to the men. Since Earth constantly moves, angles keep changing.

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