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By N. J. M. Campbell

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And even that was possible only if, by some miracle, they managed to find out where earth was! The only bright spot, he thought bitterly, was that, with any luck, he wouldn't last out the decade. As far as his friends and family--for once in his life, he was glad that he had not married--he was as good as dead right this minute. Dead and buried in a four-hundred-man, warp-drive coffin several lifetimes away from everyone and everything he knew. Everything and everyone that meant anything to him.

On the screen, the object suddenly lost what little stability it had displayed and began tumbling end over end, the laser beam flailing even more wildly through space than before. "Indication of further malfunction, Captain," Spock said, speaking rapidly. "The output of the power source is increasing exponentially. Overload and consequent instantaneous conversion to energy of all anti-matter will occur--" Spock's voice cut off as the forward viewscreen erupted in a flash of light. The Enterprise, though safe behind its deflector screens, shuddered before the massive release of raw energy.

More work on the sensors, possibly another mission with another ship--a ship with a more capable, more cautious crew--and he might have been on his way up again. Maybe not all the way to the Council, not at sixty-plus, but on his way up nonetheless. But he had insisted on going along, accompanying the sensors. " He had called in a few favors, rattled a couple more skeletons, and he had gotten on board the Enterprise, knowing that if the mission were a success the publicity would open new doors to him, perhaps even boost him over the heads of those same functionaries he had had to beg favors of in order to get on the Enterprise in the first place.

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