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42 GLOSSARY kha¨¨ (pl. khuà Ã) 1. mark, sign; stroke, line (for various technical terms connected with the shapes of letters and strokes see KH, 34-38) 2. writing, handwriting; script, calligraphy, penmanship (ML, 52: iÑlam anna al-khaÃà huwa ÁXZDU WDWDVKDNNDO I DO-Ñaql tashakkulan NXOO \DQ Za-al-yad tukharrij tilka al-Áuwar bi-Z VLÃat al-qalam bi-qadr quwwat al-yad wa-NDWKUDW LGP QLK ZD-O Q DÑÁ ELK  al-kha¨¨ al-) V – numerical system of Graeco-Coptic origin, also known as al-qalam al-) V or al-qalam al-5 P , used in Maghrebi manuscripts for the purpose of dating and in the law of inheritance (AK, 358).

LP U DO-kutub – book support, book cradle (TC, 29). maŒmil 1. exemplar; archetype (KM, IV, sifr 13, 4: al-ma¨mil alNLW E DO-awwal; ME, 566: al-muÑtamad) 2. ÑUthmanic canon, codex (MA, IV, 86) 3. also miŒmal, maŒmal – copyist’s book support (ME, 566; TW, 56-57, 169; WA, 12: Ñ G DO-QDV NKDK 6' ,  ‘pupitre’). ŒDP ODK (pl. ¨DP Ðil) – talisman, amulet (DT, 69). taŒammul al-¶ilm – transmission of knowledge (GA, 286; TP, 51). taŒQ VK (pl. ) (MP, 58; ST, index, 11) 2. rope work; interlace (TF, 138, 143) 3.

Sewing, stitching (of a book) (TM, 170: VKDGG DZU TLK '% ,,,   VSLQH 74   al-Œabk al-5 P – Graeco-Coptic (Byzantine) endband (headband) (TS, 19; AG, 109). al-Œabk al-G O – trellis-like endband (headband) (TS, 19; AG, 109; 3$  RI WKH OHWWHU G O  GLOSSARY 29 al-Œabk al-sha¨UDQM – chessboard-like endband (headband) (TS, 19; AG, 109). al-Œabk al-mu„alla¶ – chevron-like endband (headband) (TS, 19; AG, 109). Œabakah – bookbinding (IB, 19, n. 478). ŒDEE N – ornamental sewer; bookbinder (IB, 11; AD, 28).

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