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Then the Debug Terminal is opened and cleared. INPUT 0 INPUT 1 OUTPUT 4 OUTPUT 5 DEBUG CLS We want the BASIC Stamp keep checking the inputs over and over again. We also want the BASIC Stamp to automatically update the LEDs and the Debug Terminal with the latest information on the pushbuttons. The way to accomplish this is to keep repeating the program inside a DO…LOOP loop. To define the start point of the loop we use DO and to send the program back to this point we’ll use the LOOP command. DO Next, we need to check the state of the pushbuttons by checking the input at pins P0 and P1.

Display: DEBUG HOME, "8 bit binary value: ", BIN8 adcBits DEBUG CR, CR, "Decimal value: ", DEC3 adcBits 'Ƒ new line RETURN The command DEBUG CR, CR, "Decimal value: ", DEC3 adcBits tells the Debug Terminal to display two carriage returns followed by the message in quotes, followed again by the 3-digit decimal value of adcBits. If the actual number only has one or two digits, the Debug Terminal will automatically display leading zeros since DEC3 was specified. For example, the number 7 will display as 007, and the number 85 as 085, etc.

4. Explain the transmission. difference between synchronous and asynchronous data Challenge! 1. 1 is used to count to three. Write a program that uses three parallel bits (use pin P2 for the third bit) and counts to 7. You can check your work by connecting the input pin P2 to Vdd for a high signal and to Vss for a low signal (using a 1 kŸ resistor). 2. 2 so that it displays the clock pulses you apply to the left pushbutton with the left LED. 3. 2 so that it shifts the bits back out, displaying them with the right LED.

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