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Education below the darkish Elf Naitachal, Prince Alaire is distributed on a diplomatic undertaking to find why a once-peaceful neighboring country, whose ruler has banned using magic, is getting ready to visit warfare. Reprint.

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These creatures were enormous, at least four hands taller than their own high-bred geldings. Each animal had a set of enormous branching horns, like a pair of young trees growing from their heads, and larger and more dangerous-looking than any deer could ever boast of. Their hoofs were cloven, but larger than a horse's, and the length and musculature of their legs suggested great speed and agility. When he noticed the peculiar color of their coats, a rich reddish brown, and realized it exactly matched that of his coat, he realized what they were.

Alaire could only suppose that he hadn't identified Naitachal as a Dark Elf, yet. His expression was bland as he took the letter and scroll back. Nodding to the Bard, the guard said, "Go with him," indicating the other guard. "No horses," he added. So here they dismounted, and stable hands appeared to take their horses. The doors were a good two stories high, and the knockers were so heavy the guard had trouble lifting one. One solid boom announced their presence. A small window opened, through which the guard spoke to an unseen figure in the unknown tongue.

Although he lowered his voice, the acoustics were such that Alaire could easily pick out what the servant was saying. "It would seem wise," Paavo said, in hurried, hushed tones, "to remember that, despite his unfavorable heritage, this is the Ambassador from Althea. I doubt seriously he is here to harm you, magically or otherwise. " Alaire cringed at the insolence. Never would a servant presume to offer advice to the King! he thought in indignation. Then something else occurred to him. So. Perhaps this is no mere servant.

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