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By Lorraine Horsley

There is plenty to profit approximately child animals, are they cubs or calves, doggies or young ones? Which child belongs to which mom? This non-fiction identify talks approximately diverse animals and their infants with exact illustations, attention-grabbing truth labels and thoroughly levelled textual content.

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Perhaps one day will find scientists more moons Uranus. Perhaps they able to tell us of will be why Miranda so strange looking. Perhaps is they will discover why Uranus's rings are black. Right now, no missions to Uranus are planned. Even so, scientists keep looking into the sky in search of the answers. 8 billion Average temperature -350°F(-212°C) km) (atmosphere) Rotation 17 hours 14 minutes Length of year 84 Earth-years 17 (perhaps more) Mission to Uranus Launch Date Voyager 2 (USA) August 20, 1977 (reached Uranus on January 24, 1986) o Find Out More Here are more places to learn about Uranus and other planets Bailey, in space: Donna.

This might explain Miranda's strangeness, but no is n Miranda so strange look- thing crashed into Then, quilt. certain yet. '*&/ omething New In 1997, astronomers were searching the skies for comets. But they found something else. They found two new moons of Uranus! Uranus's in new moons a path far orbit beyond the other known moons. They are made of clumps of ice and rock large like Uranus's five moons. But these newly discovered moons are different from the rest of Uranus's moons. All moons are round, but the new moons are much smaller and irreguUranus's other lar in shape.

Htm the SpaceQuest Planetarium to see what it has to offer, including a view of this month's night sky. Visit Take a multimedia tour of the solar system and all its planets and moons. stsd. gov At NASA's home exciting history and pre- sent resources and missions. National Air and Space Museum Science Institute operates the Hubble Space Telescope. Visit this site to see pictures of the telescope's outer-space view. Windows Smithsonian Institution 601 Independence Ave. engin. edu/ mation about each one.

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