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By Bernhard Kuhn

Bernhard Kuhn's research uncovers a primary connection among the autobiographies and medical writings of Rousseau, Goethe, and Thoreau that refutes the now entrenched thesis of the 'two cultures.' As he examines those 3 consultant writers, Kuhn unearths the medical personality of autobiographical writing whereas demonstrating the autobiographical nature of usual technology. An unfolding drama emerges, during which Romantic interval writers are obvious protecting what smooth tradition is set to wreck aside.

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The city of Lyon. 12 Autobiographical Poems Its Commerce in all places, and always respected, Makes up one of the strong bonds of Society; And in all the Universe its fertile abundance Proceeds to bring adornment and magnificence. Precious works, superb ornaments, One would say that Minerva in her amusements, With gold and silk has, with a knowing hand, Formed the fabric of your designs. To contend with you, Turin, London, in vain, Wish to imitate you with jealous eVorts: Your charming mixtures, matched by the graces, Leave them very far behind exhausted in your tracks.

Sometimes I am a harsh and fierce misanthrope, at other moments, I go into ecstasy in the midst of the charms of society and the delights of love. Sometimes I am austere and devout, and for the good of my soul I make every eVort to make these holy dispositions last: but soon I become a frank libertine, and since I then occupy myself much more with my senses than with my reason, I constantly abstain from writing in those moments: this is what it is good for my readers to be adequately forewarned about, out of fear that they not expect to find in my sheets things that they certainly will never see there.

What ought invincibly to clear M. Rameau of having any part in the banter of this pamphlet, where in order to hold him up to ridicule they pretend to have him ceaselessly praised by himself, is an old fact that is cited in it about my Opera the Gallant Muses and the memory of which it is to be believed that he would keep himself from recalling. 8 That is too much about songs, let us return to more serious things; so many ceaselessly reborn quarrels inspired me with reflections which it might have been better to make sooner but which finally had their eVect even though belatedly.

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