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By James Walvin

Slavery transformed Africa, Europe and the Americas and hugely-enhanced the future health of the West however the topic of slavery might be challenging to appreciate due to its large geographic and chronological span. This publication makes use of a different atlas layout to provide the tale of slavery, explaining its old significance and making this complicated tale and its geographical atmosphere effortless to appreciate.

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9 In the 1850s, the third prong was pioneered with the founding of the first university examination boards. 10 Also at this time the features of curriculum mentioned earlier, the power to differentiate, was being institutionalized. The birth of secondary examinations and the institutionalization of curriculum differentiation were then almost exactly contemporaneous. For instance the Taunton Report in 1868 classified secondary schooling into three grades depending on the time spent at school. 11 Taunton noted that ‘these instructions correspond roughly but by no means exactly to the gradations of society’.

Music in Schools, (London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1962) p. 55. 14 LAYTON, D. Science for the People, (London, George Allen and Unwin, 1973). 15 HODSON, D. F. (Ed) International Perspectives in Curriculum History, (London, Croom Helm, 1987) p. 36. 16 Ibid. p. 36–7. 17 HOBSBAWN, E. and RANGER, T. (Ed) The Invention of Tradition, (Cambridge University Press, 1985) p. 1. 3 Etymologies, Epistemologies and The Emergence of Curriculum: A Speculative Essay The problem of reconceptualizing our study of schooling can be partially illustrated in the basic etymology of curriculum.

By furthering our understanding of the manner in which some of the parameters to practice are negotiated such work should facilitate subsequent studies of relationships between preactive construction and interactive realization. This is not, of course, to suggest a direct or easily discernible link between the preactive and the interactive nor that on occasions the interactive might not subvert or transcend the preactive. But it is to argue that preactive construction may set important and significant parameters for interactive realization in the classroom.

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