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By Miller R.

While one technological know-how fiction writer referred to as the asteroids "ten thousand fleas at the lifeless puppy of night," he was once merely reflecting the overlook astronomers as soon as had for those mysterious objects-most of which have been thought of little greater than nuisances. this day, astronomers have an entire new recognize for asteroids, comets, and meteors. The collision of an asteroid with Earth could have spelled the top of the dinosaurs-and a destiny collision may perhaps finish lifestyles as we all know it on our planet. Likewise, the icy mounds known as comets usually are not simply infrequent, swish apparitions within the evening sky, they're one of the finest gadgets within the sunlight procedure, maybe keeping clues to the starting place of the sunlight approach itself. This e-book explores those little-known yet attention-grabbing denizens of outer house.

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The work of Chladni and others forced scientists to finally accept not only the reality of meteorites but also their extraterrestrial origin. The Comet Connection The bright streaks of light we sometimes see in the night sky, which we call “shooting stars,” might not seem to have much to do with comets. But there is a very real, and important, connection. Although meteors can be seen on almost any night of the year, there are certain dates on which dozens and sometimes even hundreds of meteors are visible.

Today most astronomers use the word meteor to refer to the visual effect seen in the sky and the word meteorite to refer to the object itself, whether it is in space or on Earth. —and was left with only one conclusion: Meteorites originated in outer space. Chladni said that meteors were small masses of iron or stone wandering through space. Every now and then, one or more will encounter Earth’s atmosphere, where they suddenly blaze into brilliant visibility. He even went so far as to speculate on the origin of meteorites, suggesting that they might either be the remnants of larger bodies that had exploded or were material that had failed to coalesce into a moon or planet.

These are particles from meteorites that have disintegrated in the upper atmosphere. They stick to the magnet because they contain a lot of iron. Look at them with the magnifying glass (or through a microscope). What do the particles look like? Compare what you see with the images below. Particles that resemble these are probably meteoritic in origin. occurred whenever Earth crossed the orbit of Comet 1862 III. The Perseid meteors, he said, must be spread out along the orbit of the comet. Soon, the relationships between other comets and regular meteor showers were discovered.

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