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By Greg Cox

Gary Seven returns to the USS "Enterprise" the place he subdues the bridge team and disappears with Kirk. They materialize on an icy planet the place the govt. is at the verge of being overthrown. Seven has introduced Kirk there to avoid the coup yet Kirk isn't really confident that interference is so as.

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Roberta gulped as Seven hurriedly manipulated a control panel on the inner face of the door. She didn't like the looks of this. " she asked. " Isis sprung off the desktop and padded over to Seven's side. To her dismay, Roberta saw an unnatural blue fog began to form inside the interior of the hidden chamber. " she objected. Things were moving far too fast for her. " "The longer we delay, the further it may go offtrack," Seven explained curtly. Seeing the bewildered look on Roberta's face, he paused to elaborate.

The doctor said. " That was certainly true, Kirk thought. Earth was hundreds of light-years away from their present localion, not to mention a century or three removed from Seven's own time. This must be serious, he thought. Seven wouldn't have come all this way without a strong reason. "Excuse me, Captain," Lieutenant Uhura spoke up from her post at the communications station. She pressed a compact silver receiver firmly against her ear. "Chief Engineer Scott is hailing you from engi- neering.

It occurred to him that few of the crew had actually met either Seven or Roberta; only he and Spock had actually beamed down to Earth during that mission. "I don't think you'll need that phaser, at least I hope not. Meet Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. " Cradled in Seven's arms, the cat squawked noisily, as if angry at being overlooked. Kirk didn't even try to remember what Seven's pet was named, although he found it slightly odd that Seven never seemed to go anywhere without the cat. At least it's not a triable, he thought.

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