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By Maurice Wiles

Arians within the 3rd century advert maintained that Jesus was once much less divine than God. considered as the archetypal Christian heresy, Arianism was once condemned within the Nicene Creed and it sounds as if squashed by means of the early church. much less renowned is the truth that fifteen centuries later, Arianism was once alive and good, championed by way of Isaac Newton and different scientists of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. This publication asks how and why Arianism continued.

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121 For 336, see K. Schaferdiek, ‘Wulfila. Vom Bischof von Gothien zum Gotenbischof’, ZKG 90 (1979 ), 254–6, and T. D. Barnes, ‘The Consecration of Ulfila’, JTS (1990 ), 541–5. For a recent defense of the more customary date of 341, see Heather, Goths and Romans , 142. 122 Thompson, ‘Christianity and the Northern Barbarians’, 65. NS 41 42 THE END OF ARIANISM political element in the initial impetus to Ulfila's work at the time of his consecration is difficult to determine. It is possible that the original intention was simply to continue the same style of ministry as his predecessor.

Amann, ‘Semi-Ariens’, DTC vol. xiv (2), 1790. THE END OF ARIANISM 29 that ascribed a created status to the Son. Indeed, alarm about the radical development of such ideas by Aetius and his pupil Eunomius was the initial impetus which gave rise to the emergence of the Homoiousians as a distinct group with a distinct theological approach. 66 It would not have been surprising if from the standpoint of Nicene orthodoxy the Homoiousians should have appeared to be standing half-way between the truth and Arian error, even though that seriously misrepresents their intentions.

5. 31–2 and 34 (see Liebeschutz, Barbarians and Bishops , 167). 88 Theodosian Code 16. 6. 7; 16. 5. 58. 89 Socrates, Church History 7. 29 90 Sozomen, Church History 7. 17. THE END OF ARIANISM 35 The Latin West Arianism in the Latin-speaking West has been much less intensively studied. That is not surprising. It is less well documented and less intrinsically interesting. But there is documentation and the story does have interest. The writings of Meslin,91, Simonetti,92 and Gryson,93 and more recently of Daniel Williams,94 have begun to provide a clearer picture of the material on which any interpretation of Latin Arianism needs to be based.

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