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Young children will love studying all concerning the human physique during this unique booklet that units bodies within the context of the animal nation. each one part examines a selected region of the human physique - our eyes, our nostril, our pores and skin -explains what it really is for, after which compares it with the physique elements of different animals. the scale of our mind, the energy of our eyesight, and our skill to speak are all checked out in the course of the lens of the animal country as an entire. through taking a look at the our bodies of alternative animals we are going to achieve a greater figuring out of our personal!

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U q S Squ eak! House mice stay close to their mothers for just three weeks. Baby orangutans are looked after by their mothers. They stay with them until they are five or six, learning how to find food and how to make nests in trees. r! r r r Pr Lions live together in mixed groups called prides. There are usually two to three males, up to twelve females, and lots of cubs. 36 Animal families Some baby animals never see their parents, but many others stay with their parents until they are ready to look after themselves—just as humans do.

Signs of aging vary greatly, and many older people live full, active lives. As people age their hair tends to turn gray and their skin becomes wrinkled. Bowhead whales are the longest living mammals: some live for more than 150 years. t e he las t M s i e on when reastb Giant clams, once settled in their home on the seabed, stay there for more than 100 years. , Our b to harden 5. e bon re about 2 we’ . . . t n o p o hin T Chimpanzees can go bald as they age, just like humans! 40 Animals aging !

3,0 The giant sq ui d The jac a . a all l an d Ta ste ea nt a nt ia n. m). 28 c oc t an elephant Afric The 45 , als e longest tongu has th e of t er w Do gs S The spe rm The g ian tt o Life e. brat The s ut 42 abo t a s, ear t s ge big Ea rs s better than we ime ca ( in e ert nv nt i m ni g nt io (3,000 m). most intell ige ,a nimal t about ya 11 an s the i us p o 0 ft ,00 anima l — up to h biggest eye the so s a f as the longest l ife early 200 year at n s. ny of a eth Eyes r h ise to 4 in (10 cm) wi de have the m ost te n, pa S rks ha n a p s diving u p t o1 0 n smell about am ill eth e T g ma l, am m y ca the h deepest d ivin Th e s the ei al in (107 cm) wide.

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