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By Cynthia Fitterer Klingel, Robert B. Noyed

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The opposite can also be true, so that 'ox', written with two letters, also contains three phonemes. The most user-friendly orthographic system is alphabetical writing - with characters representing both vowels and consonants - which first appeared with Greek some time around the beginning of the first millennium BC. 32 It is no accident that Greek, after some 3000 years, is still written with the same letters, nor that the letters, developed for Latin from the Greek, are today used by any number of languages in a world in which Latin is no longer a spoken language.

Outside their own familiar territory, those belonging to any traditional local culture will sooner or later encounter other people, speaking incomprehensible languages and with unfamiliar customs, so it is better to stay at home and like Candide cultivate one's own garden. This was how things were for the entirety of the world's population until some 7000-odd years ago, and still are for remarkably many people in today's developing countries. What do these people then do about science, especially without any of the means for keeping the records that are indispensable to science as we know it?

Natural fires have occurred since long before the time of our first primate ancestors, and from the very first appearance of humankind the control of fire has been an essential part of existence. All human populations have had some mastery of fire: not one other species has ever shared it. ' 16 In what way, then, has humankind's mastery of fire developed in the course of time? Scientifically, there was much to learn from the fires spontaneously generated in nature. The way that new growth appeared after the original vegetation went up in flames or the reaction of local fauna were phenomena containing many lessons, including particularly the advantages of cooking.

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