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This textbook is meant for EE majors envisioning business careers in analog electronics. Analog integrated-circuit (IC) designers, product, technique, and reliability engineers, try and test-development engineers, analog functions, advertising and marketing, and customer-support engineers are continually in powerful call for.

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13) If R1 5 R2, the circuit gives vO 5 –(R3yR1)(v1 1 v2) and is aptly called a summing amplifier. ● The Voltage Buffer: Letting R2 5 0 and R1 5 ` in the circuit of Fig. 28a turns it into a unity-gain amplifier (A 5 1 V/V). Its main application is as a voltage buffer to eliminate inter-stage loading. As an example, consider Fig. 29 Summing amplifier. 30 Using a unity-gain voltage buffer to eliminate loading (current polarities shown for v1 . 0). source v1 with internal resistance R1 is to be fed to a load R2.

27c). Let us put to use this rule to review the most popular op amp circuits. Basic Op Amp Circuits The most popular op amp circuits are the noninverting amplifier, the inverting amplifier, the summing amplifier, and the voltage buffer. ● The Noninverting Amplifier: In the circuit of Fig. 28a the op amp influences vN via the voltage divider made up of R1 and R2 to give vO R1 vN 5 _______ v 5 _________ R1 1 R2 O 1 1 R2yR1 By the op amp rule we have vN 5 vP (5 vI). 28 (a) Noninverting and (b) inverting op amp configurations.

29) Assume donor atoms of phosphorous and acceptor atoms of boron, so we can use the formulas of Fig. 37, when necessary. Using the subscript zero to identify equilibrium concentrations, we exploit Eq. 30a) 5 2 3 102/cm3 NA and we exploit Eq. ) Likewise, electrons will diffuse in the opposite direction. However, every hole diffusing across the metallurgical junction leaves behind a negatively charged ion, just as every diffusing electron leaves behind a positively charged ion. These ions are bound to their fixed positions in the crystal lattice and do not contribute to current.

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