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By Sarah Borden Sharkey (auth.)

This ebook articulates the theoretical outlines of a feminism built from Aristotle’s metaphysics, creating a new contribution to feminist idea. Readers will detect why Aristotle was once now not a feminist and the way he may have develop into one, via an research of Aristotle and Aristotelian culture. the writer indicates how Aristotle’s metaphysics can be utilized to articulate a very sophisticated and theoretically strong realizing of gender that could provide a hugely great tool for distinctively feminist arguments.

This paintings builds on Martha Nussbaum’s ‘capabilities process’ in a extra explicitly and punctiliously hylomorphist means. the writer exhibits how Aristotle’s hylomorphic version, constructed to run among the extremes of Platonic dualism and Democritean atomism, can equally be used this day to articulate a view of gender that takes physically transformations heavily with no lowering gender to organic determinations.

Although written for theorists, this scholarly but available e-book can be utilized to deal with more effective concerns and the ultimate bankruptcy explores ladies in universities as one instance. This publication will entice either feminists with restricted familiarity with Aristotle’s philosophy, and students of Aristotle with restricted familiarity with feminism.

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The division of labour would be ended by the elimination of labour altogether (through cybernetics). The tyranny of the biological family would be broken” (The Dialectic of Sex, 11). See also Chap. 10 of The Dialectic of Sex for Firestone’s development of these alternatives. 30 1 Nussbaum, Capabilities, and Biology Firestone’s solution—overcoming, by changing, our biology—is not an obviously Aristotelian response. 79 Aristotle is not a dualist. We are not souls or minds who happen to be chained to matter.

If our inequalities originate in nature, then change nature. We have already done so partially, making differences in strength, for example, unimportant for much of the work we do. The development of machines and technology that overcome size differences is a great step forward. So also, we have developed technologies relevant to our reproduction. Women have more numerous options for control over when they get pregnant and with whom, and breast-feeding has become unnecessary, at least for those with certain financial resources.

Although perhaps less obvious because of her explicit liberalism, Nussbaum is also committed to a substantive version of the common good. Her focus is not simply on what individuals ought to do but, more fundamentally, on how governments, international agencies, and other communities of people ought to organize themselves, what they as groups ought to value, and thus what broad values we as human beings ought to hold in common. Many aspects of the content, although not all the details, are distinctively Aristotelian, while her emphasis on women and women’s development is clearly feminist.

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