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By Andy Lane

Touchdown in Victorian London, the TARDIS workforce is stunned to satisfy up with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

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Holmes opened his mouth to make a cutting reply, but a knock at the door interrupted him. We turned as Mrs Hudson limped into the room with a tray bearing cups, saucers, plates, cakes and a teapot. 'I took the liberty of ordering tea,' the Doctor said, grinning up ingenuously at Mrs Hudson. ' Mrs Hudson pampered the Doctor as if he were the vicar come to call: pouring his tea, sweetening it and cutting him a slice of Madeira cake. Holmes and I looked on, aghast. Her usual attitude to our visitors ranged from disinterest to barely veiled contempt.

Some kind of experiment's going on. It must be important, 'cos every time they do it, they post sentries. Lot of singing, then a big sheet of some dark material appears. Could be some kind of transmat portal. Could be a lot of things. Bit of a flap a few days back. One of the large three-legged rat-things that infest the foothills wandered into the area. The sentries tried to get it, but ended up panicking it. I saw it run for the dark sheet. It vanished, like I thought it might. That's why I shooed it in that direction.

He's a superstitious man, and much afeared of the medical profession. ' The Doctor returned with a pint for each of us and another sarsaparilla for himself. ' I asked, noting his frown. 'Don't drink anything,' he whispered. ' I cried. Inspector MacDonald lowered the glass from which he was about to sip. ' he asked carefully. 'I caught a whiff of the porter as the barman pulled the pints,' the Doctor hissed, his gaze darting around the room. 'There's strychnine in it! ' MacDonald laughed, and dug me in the ribs with his elbow.

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