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Download Agilent 16533A, 16534A Digitizing Oscilloscope (help volume) PDF

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The New Flora of the Volcanic Island of Krakatau

On 27 August 1883, the island of Krakatau used to be destroyed in a single of the main violent volcanic occasions ever recorded. This prompted the 'year with out a summer', hundreds of thousands of deaths (mainly from tsunamis), magnificent sunsets and a measurable cooling of the oceans over approximately a century. Krakatau additionally supplied evolutionary biologists with a special chance to enquire the mechanisms of plant dispersal.

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Similarly, expanding your waveform may cause your sample rate to increase, up to 1 gigasample per second for the 16533A or 2 gigasamples per second for the 16534A. See the table in “Changing the Sample Rate” on page 54 for timebase and sampling rates. The vertical (V/div) scale control is located under the Channels tab. The horizontal (s/div) scale control is located at the bottom left corner of the oscilloscope window. Scrolling The scrollbar below the display indicates what portion of the current data set you are viewing.

The trigger source is restricted to channel 1, channel 2, and the external trigger. If you have more channels on your oscilloscope, they cannot be used as trigger sources. This figure shows the trigger circuit diagram. Your waveform enters the positive input to the trigger comparator where it is compared to the trigger level voltage on the other input. The trigger comparator has a rising edge and a falling edge output. When a rising edge of your waveform crosses the trigger level, the rising edge comparator output goes high and the falling edge output goes low.

3. Select the Grid Type option button to change the grid to axes-only scales, frame-only scale, or a background grid. The intensity field controls the brightness. You cannot change the grid color. 51 Chapter 1: Agilent Technologies 16533/34A Digitizing Oscilloscope Vertical and Horizontal Scaling Vertical and Horizontal Scaling The vertical scale is volts per division (V/div). Changing the vertical scale affects the height of the waveform. Extreme changes to the vertical scale can affect your offset values.

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