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The New Flora of the Volcanic Island of Krakatau

On 27 August 1883, the island of Krakatau was once destroyed in a single of the main violent volcanic occasions ever recorded. This brought on the 'year with out a summer', millions of deaths (mainly from tsunamis), wonderful sunsets and a measurable cooling of the oceans over approximately a century. Krakatau additionally supplied evolutionary biologists with a different chance to enquire the mechanisms of plant dispersal.

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H) Use of Best Estimate system codes in areas like PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment). (H) Current limitations. Large resources (several tens of man-years) are still needed to exploit all the capabilities of currently available system codes in the three areas above identified (category 1). This is especifically true for the area of coupling between thermalhydraulics and PSA. (M) Development needs. Experts from different domains of nuclear reactor safety should be more prone to exchange information and competences.

Summarises the progress made in the US to replace the current, flow-regime dependent, interfacial area correlations with an interfacial area transport equation that could lead to dynamic flow regime transitions. This new approach produces continuous changes of the interfacial area and should eliminate the artificial, abrupt changes in flow regime and the related parameters, such as interfacial drag, produced by the present-generation codes using static flow regime maps. , also presented in this session; references on this important subject covering the basic aspects of the work can be found in that paper.

J. Y. Lee, US NRC) A summary of limitations was presented when UO2 - based neutronics were applied to a MOX fuelled core. Several modifications to overcome the deficiencies were proposed in modern nodal methods and examined for improving the accuracy of MOX fuel analysis. While these modifications have recovered much of the accuracy lost by the presence of MOX fuel, it was suggested that further benchmark analysis and assessment are necessary. The work presented in the paper addressed primarily steady-state neutronics; it was pointed out, however, that additional consideration is required for transient neutronics analysis of MOX fuelled cores.

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