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A Booklist Editors' selection choice. Designed for pros and non-professionals, from youngsters to adults, or an individual who desires to have the capacity to communicate commonplace American English even if overcoming a neighborhood or overseas accessory.

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Such lexical saturation is not required for Modern English root modals given that VP-licensing of the external theta role is unnecessary. In German, as I argued, the lexical Aktionsart property saturates exactly this lexical theta criterion. Let us now return to (1) on page 24, my first attempt at the syntactic representation of MVs in Modern English vs. German and DMVs vs. EMVs, respectively. From what has emerged so far in terms of semantic distinctions and surface distributions, the representation in (1) cannot be correct.

While Coates (1995) estimates that Modern British English must has root meaning in half of all cases and epistemic meaning in the other half, this is not reflected in the American English data in Table 1. 1 Recall that English past tense modals such as might and should were the first to develop epistemic meanings. This is also true for the development of the German modals (Abraham 1989, 1992, 1995). e. functioning both as root-deontics and epistemics, sometimes adding ancillary temporal uses as Dutch zullen for the future), Modern American English is about to give up, or has lost already, the complete array of root modal meanings: with certain very specific provisions, all modals in American Modern English function as epistemics or, in the case of will, as a temporal auxiliary.

I will continue to use ‘terminativity’ as a term encompassing all aspects of resultativity, although I will limit it to the purely lexical component of aspect. , Tschirner 1991 for a recent discussion of the distinction between aspect and Aktionsart). Finer distinctions between these terms, which have been made in the literature, are of no importance here. In support of this view, see Zhang (1995: 114ff) for an identical position with respect to Chinese, in which aspect plays a prominent role. .

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