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As those lectures are supposed to be public, and so few, i've got assumed all very specified difficulties to be excluded, and a few subject of basic curiosity required. thankfully, our age looks transforming into philosophical back - nonetheless within the ashes reside the wonted fires. Oxford, lengthy the seed-bed, for the english global, of the idealism encouraged by means of Kant and Hegel, has lately turn into the nursery of a truly various mind set. Even non-philosophers have began to take an curiosity in an argument over what's often called pluralism or humanism. It seems to be a bit as though the traditional english empiricism, see you later positioned out of favor the following via nobler sounding germanic formulation, will be re-pluming itself and preparing for a much better flight than ever. It seems like foundations have been being sounded and tested afresh.
Individuality outruns all type, but we insist on classifying each we meet

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The forms of Philosophic considering 1; Our age is transforming into philosophical back, three switch of tone for the reason that 1860, four Empiricism and Rationalism outlined, 7 the method of Philosophizing: Philosophers decide upon a few a part of the area to interpret the complete through, eight They search to make it appear much less unusual, eleven Their temperamental adjustments, 12 Their structures has to be reasoned out, 18 Their tendency to over-technicality, 15 way over this in Germany, 17 the kind of imaginative and prescient is the key in a thinker, 20 Primitive inspiration, 21 Spiritualism and Materialism : Spiritualism exhibits forms, 23 Theism and Pantheism, 24 Theism makes a duality of guy and God, and leaves guy an intruder, 25 Pantheism identifies guy with God, 29 The modern tendency is in the direction of Pantheism, 30 Legitimacy of our call for to be crucial within the Universe, 33 Pluralism as opposed to Monism: The 'each-form' and the 'all-form' of representing the realm

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Professor Jacks, in some brilliant pages in the ' Hibbert Journal ' for last Octo­ ber, studies the relation between the univers� and the philosopher who describes and defines it for us. You IDay assume two cases, he says. kcn account of in the philosophy, and self-included in the description. tter case his philosophy is itself an intimate part of the universe, and may be a A P L U R A L I S TIC UNIVERSE part momentous enough to give a different tum to what the other parts signify. It may be a supreme reaction of the universe upon itself by which it rises to self-comprehension.

And the stagnant felicity of the absolute's own perfec­ tion moves me as little as I move it. qdeT3 only of the cosmic noy_el. things would be different : we should then share the author's point of view and recognize villains to be as essential as heroes in the plot. But we are not the readers but the very personages II. MONISTIC IDEALISM of the world-drama. In your own eyes each of you here is its hero. and the villains arc your respective friends or enemies. The tale which the absolute reader finds so perfect.

I. THE TYPES O F THINKING As we have found that spiritualism in gen­ eral breaks into a more intimate and a less intimate species, so the more intimate species itself breaks into two subspecies, of which the one is more monistic, the other more plural­ istic in form. I say in form, for our vocabulary gets unmanageable if we don't distinguish be­ tween form and substance here. The inner life of things must be substantially akin anyhow to the tenderer parts of man's nature in any spiritualistic philosophy.

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