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The desired speed distribution curve is also rotated around its median. 11. 11 Example of shift and rotation of a desired speed distribution. How much the curve is rotated depends on which factors that addressed the reduction. Different rotation parameters are used for adaptation caused by the road width, the speed limit, and the horizontal curvature. 26 3 Surrounding traffic in driving simulators It is well known that the surrounding road environment influences drivers and their behavior. The road environment for instance affects a driver’s desired speed, lateral positioning, and overtaking behavior.

1999) and Wright et al. (2002) Most developed models focus on freeway or urban roads, see for example Ahmad et al. (2001), Al-Shihabi et al. (2002), Champion et al. (1999), Champion et al. (2002), van Wolffelaar (1999), and Wright (2000). Little effort has been put into the modeling of rural highways with oncoming traffic. According to Champion et al. (1999) the SCANeR©II software, developed at Renault, can be used to simulate vehicles on any road type. Unfortunately, the reference does not describe the model used for rural roads.

The basic idea is that at certain points in time or space a predetermined situation or event will occur. When the event or situation occur the vehicles’ types, positions, and speeds must agree with those specified in the scenario. If not using stochastic simulation of the ambient vehicles, scenario scenes can be totally specified and controlled before running the scenario. This can of course be tricky but the advantage is that every vehicle movement, except the simulator vehicle, is known in beforehand.

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