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By S. L. Farrell

The breathtaking first novel in an excellent new myth seriesA masterwork of delusion, The Nessantico Cycle is the epic story of an empire at its top, but poised on the point of what can be a devastating descent into destroy. informed from the viewpoints of various characters, it's a sweeping saga of homicide and magic (portrayed either as a robust faith and a forbidden art), of deception and betrayal, of Machiavellian politics, star-crossed fanatics, and a realm dealing with warfare on each entrance.

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We of Concénzia know that the Toustour is the word of Cénzi, given to us so that we would understand Him. To guide us along the right path, our predecessors within the Faith created a companion to the scrolls of the Toustour, the Divolonté, and for long years, they have both served us. But we should always remember that while the Toustour was inspired by Vucta through Her son Cénzi, and while the Divolonté in turn was inspired by the Toustour, the Divolonté comes from our minds: the minds of frail people, not from Vucta or Cénzi or even the Moitidi who in turn created us.

FA R R E L L to move and the carriage rolled smoothly and slowly forward. The a’téni filed behind the carriage and behind them the u’ and o’téni, and finally the acolyte choir, while the gardai with their long staffs moved into formation on either side of the street and the procession turned out from the plaza onto the Avi a’Parete. The Archigos waved to the crowds lining the boulevard even as he continued to speak to Ana. ” she managed to blurt out. “I thought . ” “I know what you thought,” Archigos ca’Millac answered.

L . FA R R E L L Ana, almost without realizing, had begun whispering a chant herself, and as the glow hissed in the air toward the Archigos—who still smiled—she cupped her hands before her and brought them together. The ball of blue fire fizzled, sputtered, and vanished long before it reached the Archigos. The Numetodo, standing stupefied in the plaza as his attack failed, went down under a rush of the Garde Kralji. She saw his capture as she staggered with the release of her spell and the inevitable weariness surged over her.

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