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9. Miineccimbagi[1974], pp. 408411; on the fortressof Anavarin-iatik, see Appendix II of this volume. 10. i([1974], p. 411) reports3,000 Christianskilled, but Western sourcesdiffer on this point; see Appendix II, pp. 233-234. For the constructionof the fortress,see Appendix IV. Seliniki Mustafa Efendi (1989, p. Evliya (elebi wrongly dates the building of Anavarin-icedid to 1569 and the reign of Murad III (1574-1595); see Appendix I. See also Appendix III. INTO TAX-FARMERS II of Thessaly, imposed a crushing defeat on the Italians.

Other relevantstudies include Beldiceanu and BeldiceanuSteinherr 1986 (for Corinth);Balta 1997, 1999, 2004; Lowry 1992; Mazower 2004. For critiquesof the historiographyof Ottoman Greece, see Kiel 1992a, 1997; McGowan 1981. McGowan'swork is also based on Ottoman sourcesand sheds a great deal of light on the patternsof economic transformationin the Balkansand Morea during the 17th and 18th centuries. IO CHAPTER I particularlyduring the 18th century,when the economy and society of the empire entered a crucial transitional phase that radicallyaltered the way in which provinces such as the Morea were administered.

250. 19. Lowry 1986, p. 252. 20. Lowry 1986, pp. 255-256. See also Topping 1986, pp. 225-232. 1. TAX-PAYING HOUSEHOLDS (HANES) IN TIMAR AND HASS VILLAGES IN THE DISTRICT OF MODON, 1512-1583 Settlement Forts Towns Mazracas (timar) Villages 1512-1520 1520-1566 1583 2 2 2 2 1 2 21 32 14 35 17 36 (1 iftlik) 1 9iftliks Hanes Muslims Christians Widows Jews Gypsies Total hanes 80 564 9 27 (13 single) (72 single) (Christian) (5 single) 83 (19 single) 523 (92 single) 10 26 (5 single) 22 20 702 662 Sources:TT80 (mufassal), pp.

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