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By John HORDEN, Bishop of Moosonee.

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1 manner verb; 3 Grounds) b. Así, pues, los tres hombres caminaron lentamente y sin agitación visible por las calles, desde la cárcel hasta el extremo de la marisma. ’) 16. cf. Aske (1989) for the initial proposal regarding the importance of telicity on this occasion, developed further in terms of boundary-crossing in Slobin’s work. Chapter 2. The point of departure  However, if boundary-crossing is to be expressed, Romance languages cannot offer manner verbs+directional particles and such expressions typically tend to have one Ground element per verb (Slobin (1997a: 438)): (1) c.

Use of manner verbs on numerous occasions), it was obvious that there was a number of rather noticeable differences in the motion expressions in the two languages (cf. Filipović (1999), (2001)). In the Serbo-Croatian translation of the English text the information about Manner seems to be omitted (or simplified) on a number of occasions, very much like translations into Spanish in Slobin’s reports. g. by using a less complex verb), or expressed in another way, usually by an adverbial (Filipović (1999)).

Entonces se cayeron. Then REFL fall-PST-PFV-3PL ‘[The deer] threw them at a cliff where there was lots of water. e. initial, medial and final) and describe a series of scene-settings rather than continuous dynamic action (Slobin (1996: 204)). ). Information about the Ground component is given via objects of prepositions in the prepositional phrases that can follow one verb in an expression. Spanish speakers tend to limit themselves, when using a prepositional phrase with Chapter 2. The point of departure  a verb of motion, to one per verb, whereas English speakers can use many with a single verb of motion.

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