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7 Reduplication Reduplication is a very frequent phenomenon in Dime. , ts) are not used in partial reduplication. 116. ) being equal. Speech sounds can be ranked in terms of their relative sonority: voiceless oral stops have minimal sonority while low vowels have the highest degree of sonority of all speech sounds. All other sounds are ranked in between these two extreme points of the sonority scale. Phonology 35 117. deis kill ‘kill’ de-deis-déé-n RDP-kill-IPF-3/2 ‘is killing’ *deyeysid-e-n 118.

105b. ’ 106a. 106b. 3 Tone and affixation In this section we discuss tone stability and contour tones. Tone stability is observed when a vowel resyllabifies or when a phonological rule deletes a tone-bearing unit (TBU) and the tone remains unaffected and associates with an adjacent TBU. Such stability can not be accounted for if tone is assumed to be an integral part of the phonological segment on which it appears in the phonetic representation. 14 Tone stability shows that tone is an auto-segmental unit.

Amzi ‘a woman’ /amz-is ‘the woman’ 10b. /amzi woman gu⁄dum-ub tall-M ‘a donkey’ ‘the donkey’ gu⁄du⁄m-ind-is ‘the tall woman’ tall-F-DEF gos#t-is ‘the tall man’ man-DEF As can be seen from example (10b), in the presence of a modifier element in a noun phrase the definite marker is suffixed to the modifier. Nouns and nominal categories 43 The definite marker –is may optionally be changed to –iz when following voiced consonants. Examples: 11. [ /eh-is] [gass-iŸs] ‘the house ‘the road’ [/amz-iz] [zuuŸb-iz] ‘the woman’ ‘the red one’ Generally, definiteness is marked at the end of the noun.

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