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By Stuart Crainer, Bruce Tulgan, Watts Wacker

A Freethinker’s A-Z of the recent global of industrial… together with… Absolut Adobe Barbie balanced scorecard Bloomberg Byrne Cap Gemini co-opetition company universities facts warehousing Demos Drudge dumbing down Dyson Eisner quick corporation Frit? Gateway 2000 worldwide enterprise community Grove Kleiner LG marketspace Meyer Milken New Pig strength SantaFeInstitute Saturn clever playing cards Starbucks storytelling Wal-Mart xybernaut Zander…

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They tend to create an image of what they want to be versus what they are right now,” warns Tom Rodenhauser. The trouble is that in the quest to differentiate themselves, the big consulting firms give the appearance of slavishly following each other. ” Perhaps more significantly, there are suspicions that the big bucks spent are not necessarily leading to big rewards. “If you press them on the effectiveness of advertising, they become wishy-washy about whether it translates into business. The question must be whether it is necessary in that sort of business.

He founded the Buffett Partnership and then took over Berkshire Hathaway, a small textile company in Bedford, Mass. ” Time and time again, Buffett returns to the issue of sound management. The trouble is that there are a great many poor managers. “The supreme irony of business management is that it is far easier for an inadequate CEO to keep his job than it is for an inadequate subordinate,” lamented Buffett in 1988, going on to criticize the comfortable conspiracies of too many boardrooms. ” Buffett believes that executives should think and behave as owners of their businesses.

There is also, for example, a comfort factor. Brands may pander to our dreams and aspirations — beaches, sunshine, not a worry in the world and a glass of spirits too — but they also re-assure. We like the idea of a life of excitement and unlimited finance, but settle for having a drink in the comfort of our home. The brand becomes a surrogate for our ambitions and dreams. The successful brands are the ones that we are comfortable with, but which are not complacent. They sell us Caribbean dreams at an affordable price.

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