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By Craig Shaw Gardner

Wuntvor has stuck the chilly eye of demise himself, who seeks so as to add the hapless apprentice to his morbid minions...

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This gray mass about us was more than a physical presence. It affected our emotions as well, draining our will to resist. Well, it wouldn’t work on me! Why bother? I had asked myself a moment before while under the influence of the dreadful mist. I had to bother, no matter what the fog told me. My master’s life depended on it! And the lives of my companions as well! Death would have to try harder still to defeat Wuntvor, the Eternal Apprentice. Not even something as insidious as a cursed fog could defeat me!

I opened my eyes. Perhaps, I reconsidered, there was hope, after all. “Now,” my beloved said again. ” I nodded, not yet able to speak. “Ebenezum is gone,” Norei summarized. “Death has taken him. ” I nodded again. I marveled at my beloved. How could she be so clearheaded after such a kiss? ” I sighed. “I’m afraid so. That is, if we can trust Death. The specter is too fond of its games and tricks. ” an excruciatingly annoying voice exclaimed behind us. ” I whirled to see the truth-telling demon Snarks, attired as usual in his monkish robes of somber gray; robes that, despite their neutral hue, still seemed to clash with the demon’s bright green complexion.

I answered, stalling for time. What could I bargain with next? I knew there was only one offer that would satisfy Death, and that was the possession of the Eternal Apprentice’s soul. My soul. Tap jumped across the clearing, landing on my shoe. “You’d better speak up. ” “For once, we are in agreement,” Snarks said, then added, “Why don’t you offer the creature one of your companions in exchange for the wizard? ” “Then again,” the Brownie reconsidered, “perhaps it is time to give this matter more thought.

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