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Yellow', skwamá 'sinew'; /'/ 'áw 'son's son', kw>ái 'hide, skin', α>ά 'fire'. All Cocopa spirants are voiceless. Corresponding to the voiced bilabial of Walapai, Mohave, and Maricopa are the bilabial stop /p/ and the labiovelar semiconsonant /w/. There are three sibilants, two of which, /s/ and /s/, correspond to /Θ/ and /s/ of Walapai and Mohave and to /s/ and /s/ of Maricopa. The third sibilant /s/ corresponds in some instances to the less fronted of the Maricopa sibilants and in others to Ma /c/.

Pipe', kaOye? 'doctor', fcampdy 'hair', nyimsdv 'white', cimyúl 'ant', milkP 'throat', haWúy 'nine'. y . 1 The present phonemic analysis differs from his analysis in several minor details. The segmental phonemes of Mohave are : Consonants: ρ ν m Semiconsonants : Vowels : t θ c s k? k k w k kw ' h hw é η ny 1 IV r y i e w u o a According to this analysis, the series of stops in Mohave almost parallels that in Walapai. The retroflex alveolar stop, which Kroeber recorded in his 1911 monograph, 2 is not posited as a phoneme here.

Semiconsonants are phonetically similar to those of Ma and other Yuman languages, but they occur more frequently than in Ma and Mo because they correspond, in many cognates, to phonemes that do not occur in Cocopa. Co /y/ corresponds to Mo and Ma ¡4/ as well as to Mo and Ma /y/, and Co /w/ corresponds to Mo and Ma /v/ as well as to Mo and Ma /w/. Examples: /y/ yd 'tooth', yú'k 'vomit', sayúl 'skirt', miyúlk 'sweet', xáy 'wet' ; /w/ wir 'hard', wâ 'house', cuwdx 'to grind', xsâw 'cotton'. The vowel system of Cocopa consists of four vowels rather than five, as in the other Yuman languages.

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