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By Steven D. Hales

A better half to Relativism offers unique contributions from major students that handle the newest pondering at the function of relativism within the philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technological know-how, good judgment, and metaphysics.

  • Features unique contributions from a number of the top figures engaged on numerous features of relativism
  • Presents a considerable, wide variety of present puzzling over relativism
  • Addresses relativism from a few of the significant subfields of philosophy, together with philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technology, common sense, and metaphysics

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Now, if anyone makes a global relativist claim, such as (GR) or (GRP), then their claim entails that what they have claimed is absolutely true, which in turn entails that it is not the case that what they have claimed is true relative to some but not other values of some parameter. But this contradicts (GRGR) and (GRPGRP). For they claim precisely that (GR) and (GRP) respectively are true relative to some and not true relative to other values of some parameter. e. true relative to all values of the parameter in question.

In fact, not everyone accepts the reverse entailment, for not everyone accepts that attributing a feature always yields a truth-evaluable claim or judgment. e. that whenever some object has a feature F, it is also 18 global relativism and self-refutation true that it has that feature. I shall come back to positions that deny the reverse entailment in due course. Given this assumption, we can express relativism about any feature in terms of relativism about truth. For example, the view that it is relative to a legal system whether an action type is illegal can be expressed as the view that it is relative to a legal system whether propositions of a certain type are true.

In fact, she would be committed to saying that anyone asserting anything at all is violating the norm, and that in this sense no one should assert anything. Thus we would have a successful self-refutation of sorts: the global relativist cannot put forward her position without by her own lights falling foul of the norms of conversation she herself accepts. However, the global relativist will point out that no one asserting anything ever complies with that norm. Secondly, the relativist might deny that making assertions and claims is subject to this norm.

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