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When we speak of the twelve links of dependent arising, ignorance is the first. From it comes karma, and from karma come all the results you experience. All these come from your mind, not only from karma-the mental factor of intention-but also from the ignorance that is the root of samsara, the concept of an inherently existent I. This is how your happiness and suffering evolve. If your meditation on emptiness is not yet firm, then thinking about karma can be a very powerful way to stop anger. The minute you think about karma, there is no place in your mind for anger because you see there's nobody and nothing to blame.

The wisdom is harmonious with the nature of the object. Therefore, they do contradict or oppose each other. SHRI stands for the meaning of EVAM, the wisdom of non-duality merging with its object, emptiness, in a manner that accords with its actual mode ofexistence. Here, the object is emptiness, which is also empty of inherent existence. The non-dual transcendental wisdom sees, or enters, the object, emptiness, exactly as it is. This is what EVAM means. SHRI emphasizes this as well. In exactly the same way the object emptiness exists, the subject (the transcendental wisdom of great bliss) has also abandoned all objects of the concept of inherent existence-it has completely abandoned all inherently existent objects.

From the extremely subtle wind and mind at the time of death come gross wind and mind in the bardo and next rebirth. After the consciousness enters the fertilized egg, the gross mind experiences the results of the past karmic imprints. If you think about this, you will understand how everything comes from the very subtle mind. This is what I think, but it needs to be checked. I hope what I've said doesn't make it sound as if I have realized emptiness. I hope that by giving teachings I'm not opening the door into the big hells.

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