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By Jack Staub

Gardening professional Jack Staub keeps his stimulating sequence on exact additions on your backyard with seventy five remarkable Herbs to your backyard.

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A few cautions, however: while teas and tisanes are benign substances, chamomile’s essential oil (a wonderful blue color) is potent and should not be ingested without medical supervision or taken during pregnancy. Also, oddly, although a proven antiallergin, chamomile may cause hayfever-like symptoms in individuals allergic to ragweed. In an interesting sidebar, medieval monks were astonished by Roman chamomile’s beneficent effect on ailing plants when planted nearby, giving birth to Anthemis nobilis’s reputation as “The Plant’s Physician,” Frances A.

Culinarily, the leaves, like many things one might entertain (as Sir Francis did), are best employed young and fresh, as they lose their cucumber-like coolness with cooking, so, if you have an herb garden, why not try a patch, pop some in a sallet (or even a claret cup), and see for yourself whether your load isn’t lightened a bit? 10. ” —William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II Caraway ( Carum carvi) is a biennial plant in the family Apiaceae and closely related to its feathery, prettily umbelled cousins anise, cumin, and dill.

Lemongrass 42. Lemon Verbena 43. Licorice 44. Lovage 45. Marigold 46. Marjoram ‘Creeping Golden’ 49. Marsh Mallow 50. Meadowsweet 51. Mullein (Great) 52. Mustard 53. Parsley (Curly-leaved) 55. Peppermint 57. Purslane (Golden) 58. Rampion 59. Rocket (Arugula) 60. Rosemary 61. Rue 62. Saffron 63. Sage (Golden) 65. Shiso (Purple) 66. Soapwort 67. Savory (Summer) 69. Stevia 70. Tarragon (French) 71. Thyme (Garden) 73. ” —Ovid, Metamorphoses, Lib. XV This has been a fascinating journey for me. Although I have probably cultured at least half of the herbs I offer to you in this volume, and have surely sought the comforting warmth of chamomile or lemon balm tea on a blustery day, chewed a sprig of parsley for refreshment, and noted the dynamic nutritive value of dandelions and such, my herbal acquaintance has mainly been in a culinary vein and, therefore, my medicinal knowledge sadly lacking.

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