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I sketch cartoons, anxious to understand just that. Anti, Eleftherotypia, Defi, Babel, DEO and Gypsy orchestra, The Black Figurine of Aphrodite, Typhoon, Yatalefta Noemvri, 2000 at 4 and Galley Far Beyond. 60 MAKI, THE SITUATIONÕS CHANGED NO!.. THEY ÕRE NOT ELEPHANTS FUCK... THE CANTINE OPPOSITE CLOSED AND I ÕLL BE OVERWHELMED WITH WORK Michalis Kountouris Born in Rhodes in 1960. Editorial cartoonist in Greek newspapers and magazines since 1985, he currently works at the newspaper Eleftheros Typos (Free Press).

He has been awarded the Deutscher Preis fur politische Karikatur (German award for political caricature, 1997, 1998, 2002), the EXPO-award 2000, award ÒVision DÓ 2006, Award RŸckblende (Bund Deutscher Zeitungsverleger) 2006. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. He is currently living in the Spreewald with his wife and three sons. 32 Klaus Stuttmann I was born in 1949. I visited school till 1968 in Stuttgart, then I studied History of Arts and History in Tübingen and Berlin.

He is married and father of one child. 44 Kostas Grigoriadis He was born in Athens in 1965. He studied interior design at the Technological University of Athens. He has been creating sketches and political cartoons since 1987. His work has been published in the newspapers Odigitis and Anagnostis and the magazines Nea Oikologia, Stigma and Diaναzo. Since 1990 he is working as a cartoonist at the daily newspaper Rizospastis. He has also published an album about ecology, titled Oikologika. He has illustrated many books and posters.

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