Hard Corporal Punishment and Branding: A Victim at the Attick (HD mp4)

 Filmed in 4K English Spoken Filmed on Location in Swiss STORY: Madame Catarina is on vacation in Swiss and has decided to keep a chained slave in her attic for her cruel amusement. Today dressed entirely in leather, the Berlin Mistress pays her slave a visit and has some sadistic fun with her whips and canes before branding the slave as her property. CHAPTER ONE: Madame Catarina looks stunning in full leather, boots and spurs as she enters the attic of her Swiss holiday home. Her hooded victim has been kept chained to a pillar in her attic and Madame Catarina has decided today will be a very special day for him. The slave is unchained and strapped to the pillar and after cruelly tormenting his nipples with clamps and her gloved hands she selects a single tail whip. Madame Catarina delights in giving her victim a full frontal body whipping paying particular attention to his nipples and cock. After inspecting her handiwork she selects a heavier whip to inflict more pain and damage on her victim. With her victim’s body now a mass of scars Madame Catarina cruelly plays with his nipples as she decides how to continue with her sadistic game… KEYWORDS: Madame Catarina, Berlin Mistress, Domina travel, corporal punishment, whips, whipping, singletail, nipple play, Leather Mistress, boots, leather, chains, full body whipping, cock whipping, FemDom, victim in the attic, Swiss vacation.